We are all familiar with surface cleaning. For example, we spill some coffee or crumbs on the counter, we wipe the surface and carry on with our day. As a result of continuous surface cleaning dirt and grime can build up in those hard to reach areas. Can you remember the last time you moved the fridge out and cleaned behind it? Removed the knobs or air vent from your oven to check for build up? Experts recommend deep cleaning your home every six months.

A deep clean involves emptying all cupboards, shelves, fridges, thoroughly cleaning them inside and out. Moving, vacuuming and cleaning behind all appliances to give them hard to reach areas some much needed attention. As a result of deep cleaning filters, coils and vents your appliances will work efficiently, live longer and could even save you money on your bills.

Choosing a reliable, top quality cleaning company, is the first step to ensuring you keep on top of your home cleaning. By conducting a deep cleaning twice a year you will keep your place in top condition and looking it’s 5 star best.

A deep clean checklist with over 200 cleaning points.

In short, our experience, passion and personalised service. We understand every aspect of a cleaning business and want to make your moving, renting or home uplift cleaning easy. I spent my early years managing a high end kitchen restaurant in the heart of London before specializing in cleaning and everything property management related.

My partner specialises in deep cleaning and housekeeping inspection. As a result of our combined experiences, we bring the highest standards in the cleaning industry to every home we care for.

Deep cleaning your kitchen is something I look forward to. Our deep clean checklist includes over 200 cleaning points. I share this passion with our small team of expert cleaners who are individually trained by us. We choose only the best cleaners who share our core values of integrity, efficiency and going above and beyond to join our team.

Not many people enjoy the thoughts of cleaning a bathroom, all the build up grime in the shower tray, around the sink, the toilet bowl. We will let you in on our little secret. We love deep cleaning bathrooms! We would confidently say we are one of the best bathroom cleaners in town.

After every clean we send a detailed video report so you can see the quality and professional cleaning standard for yourself. That is to say you don’t have to take our word for it, you can check it out for yourself. If any areas need further attention or require maintenance we will give you a heads up.

We personalise all deep cleaning services to ensure you are getting the right cleaning services for your needs. Let us know the details of your project, especially any unique features or areas that require special attention.

Our years of industry experience, attention to detail and 5 star quality cleaning set us aside from the rest. All our deep cleaning services include detailed cleaning of all areas, with a focus on those hard to reach.

Our deep clean checklist includes over 200 cleaning points but don´t worry we won’t bore you with them all…just some.

Our deep clean services include mould removal, cleaning floors, kitchens, bathrooms and all surfaces to the highest industry standard. Stain removal and polishing of utensils and pots. Inspections of all cutlery and dinnerware, setting aside any with deficiency for your awareness. Wall cleaning to remove condensation droplets, scuffs and smudge build ups.

Special attention to the top of cabinets where dust and grime like to sit. Detailed cleaning of cabinets, every crease, hinge and opening mechanism.

We can provide steam cleaning for any stubborn carpet and upholstery cleaning that’s required. For our inside window cleaning we use 30 ft long handled equipment to reach those high areas. These long arms are also great for dusting any high features you might have like ceiling fans. Kitchen appliances and worktops, bedroom and utilities, we will deep clean them all.

Our team has recently grown with the addition of our daughter Leila. Her presence further strengthens our beliefs in using green clean products, vital for our environment and everyone. Therefore use only the best products and equipment for our cleaning services. We clean your home using 95% plant based products -yes we sparingly use bleach in the bathrooms when required. Our top of the line vacuums are equipped with triple HEPA filters.

As always you do not have to take our word for it. Detailed video reports after every clean allow you to see what makes us the best cleaners in town, with your own eyes. By choosing us as you deep cleaning specialists your choosing experience, attention to detail and quality.

Let us give everything a closer look.

If you have an apartment move coming up, are moving out, moving in to a new place or your place just needs a deep clean to get it looking like new get in touch today for a deep clean quote.


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