Above all the number one complaint for all short term rental guests is cleanliness. As a result of poor cleaning quality, your property reviews can suffer. Properties with 5 Star cleaning reviews are more likely to get booked first. Choosing the right professional cleaning company for your short term rental property is essential.

Guests who book their stay using Airbnb, Vrbo, Homeaway or Booking.com will all agree on one thing. Every guest loves an early check in!! Choosing a cleaning company that provides real time communications, will put your property on course for a 5 Star review. That’s before your guests even arrive.

Finally, consider a company that helps you keep on top of your supplies. Running out of essential supplies during a stay is one way to guarantee poor quality reviews. The best cleaning companies will never let that happen. Supply updates and supply management are key to keeping on top of the little things. Any great cleaning business knows, the little things are what matter most.

Choose a cleaning company who guarantees top quality cleanliness, provides real time communication and supply updates.

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Our experience. We are a local cleaning services provider with years of industry experience.

I gained first hand knowledge of all aspects of hosting guests from a young age. I grew up in a family run Bed and Breakfast. As a result of this early exposure, I developed respect for the importance of communication, cleaning with precision, and unparalleled work ethic.

Years of working in all aspects of service, property management, housekeeping inspections have made RCW the best short term rental cleaners in town. Our attention to detail, real time communications and guaranteed cleaning quality is what sets us apart from other cleaning companies in the location.

We specialize in cleaning short term rental properties with importance on real time communication. A 5 Star cleaning quality is guaranteed on all our short term cleaning services. We use 95% plant based products yes, we sparingly use bleach when required. Top of the line HEPA filtration systems in our vacuums ensure the best quality vacuuming. We are proud to provide green cleans to all the properties we care for.

As a result of years of industry experience, using only the best equipment and expert local cleaners, we believe Revolution Cleaning is the best short term rental cleaning company in town.

Our professional cleaners are exceptionally trained by us. They each undertake a thorough training program. Compiling our years of experience from housekeeping inspections to property management, my partner and I have created an in depth training manual to ensure top quality cleaning every time. Our small team of cleaners pay exceptional attention to every detail.

We specialize in turnover cleaning. Our short term rental property cleaning includes thorough kitchen cleaning, dusting, bed making, laundry, staging, bathroom and floor cleaning. We are a quality rental home cleaning company that provides best in class airbnb cleaning and vrbo cleaning. Our expert cleaners are always on hand to provide the best cleans in Whistler.

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If you don't get cleaning right you won't get the hosting right.

We are a quality local cleaning company. Our cleaning services include Condo cleaning, townhouse cleaning, duplex, chalets, apartment and lodge cleaning. Get in touch today to inquire or book a cleaning service for your short term rental needs.


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