It’s coming to the end of your project or home renovation. Buying a new home and the builders are wrapping up the final few pieces. Let’s face it, as a result of any type of construction there is dust everywhere. A post renovation cleaning is looming, but you don’t know where to start. Yes, cleaning up after construction or renovation can be daunting.

Post construction cleaning includes dust removal from all areas, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. As required high level dusting, window cleaning and debris removal. Finally, all appliances are cleaned and polished. As a result your home should be left feeling like no construction ever took place.

Choosing the right cleaning company for your post construction clean can be a challenge.

The best way to clean dust…
Let us do it!

When your builders have been and gone with nothing left but dust and cleaning we are here to help. Our years of construction cleaning experience means we understand all aspects of post constructions cleaning. We especially know what areas to focus on. Being a local cleaning business we can provide flexible scheduling based on your requirements and schedule. Our small team of local cleaners are experts at what they do.

I have first hand experience on the importance of the final cleaning after any construction or renovation project. Having worked as a property manager for years, I have witnessed people struggle with post renovation cleaning and post construction cleans. Trying to juggle everything in their lives, work, moving in, having friends and family around doing their best to help. By the time they get inside their home after construction or a taxing renovation project they are exhausted. Even worse, there is still dust lurking.

We provide real-time communication, letting you any updates that require your attention.

Keeping you up to date on when your property is ready so you can plan your return. We stand by our cleaning quality. Yes, We guarantee the highest industry cleaning quality on all our post construction cleaning services. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. We will send you a detailed video report after your clean, so you can see the quality and professional cleaning standard for yourself.

All our post construction cleaning includes high level dusting, debris removal and window cleaning within regular reach. We remove dust from floors, appliances and all surfaces. Bathrooms receive meticulous attention and are left spotless. Kitchen and living room will be dust free and feel like no constructions ever took place. The products we use are 95% plant based. Our high performing Hepa vacuums use triple filtration to make sure your home is a green clean environment.

We will get rid of the dust
so you don't have to.

Your home is in safe hands!

By choosing us as your post construction cleaners you will be guaranteed top quality cleaning. Let us do what we do best and give yourself time to focus on what is important to you. Our specially selected and trained handful of local cleaners will provide spotless cleaning after construction


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